HR 6542- New bill to end country based discrimination introduced.

HR 6542- New bill to end country based discrimination introduced.

Congressman McCormic has introduced a bill HR 6542 to address a lot of issues related to legal immigration. For Indians specifically it addresses the green card backlog.

The full title of the bill reads To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to eliminate the per-country numerical limitation for employment-based immigrants, to increase the per-country numerical limitation for family sponsored immigrants, and for other purposes.

What does the bill contain ?

The bill removes the per country caps in green card allocation for employment base visas with a 10 year transition plan. The content of this bill is pretty much rehash of various similar bills proposed in past. Hindustan Times Reported

The Bill aims to removes lopsided per-country caps with a 10-year transition plan and will get immigration process closer merit-based system.

In the United States, backlogs created based on “country caps” on green card issuances force immigrants (especially Indians) to wait for decades after qualifying to be issued green cards.

The proposed legislation bill promotes a phased-in system to reduce the backlog for individuals waiting the longest. It will aim to gradually eliminate the seven percent per-country cap for employment-based immigrant visas as well and extend the transition period to nine years, ensuring an inclusive approach. Link

Will the bill pass ?

Chances of this bill being put to vote are none. Not only Biden administration and Democrats have refused to offer much help to Indians, even if the wanted the Republicans have a scortched earth policy around immigration where they benefit from the chaos and dysfunction and hence no real compromise is achievable on this topic.

Why does it matter then ?

It matters because it keeps the issue alive. One does not know what future holds and keeping the issue fresh on Capitol hill means if there is an extra-ordinary opportunity, the bill might as well end up exploiting it.

Should I call my Rep and demand support ?

Yes. You should. Please call your local Senator and House Rep. and make sure they co-sponsor it and tweet in support.