Biden administration has refused to help Indians in backlog

Biden administration has refused to help Indians in backlog

Visa Bulletin Equality is a proposal by Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi to allow Indians stuck in 150 year long green card backlog get some relief by obtaining EADs instead of keep renewing their visas indefinitely.

We have covered this topic in great depth here.

However as of today Biden government declared that they will not be doing any such thing to help Indians stuck in backlog and would rather focus

Biden Admin refuses to help Indians

What will Indian community do ?

Immigration Voice has decided that gloves are off. They might chose some routes to sue Biden administration left and right.

Will this work ? We do not know. But I think it is time Indian community engages in a deeper retrospective and chose its next steps wisely.

What can you do ?

Continue to engage your local congress person. Even if it does not work, you should try to make sure your issue is constantly on the Congress person's agenda each year every session.

Force your employer to talk about this.

It is important that your employer brings up your issue with the politicians they work with. They are powerful and their advocacy would be helpful.