Who is going to help Indian immigrants with Visa Bulletin Equality ?

Who is going to help Indian immigrants with Visa Bulletin Equality ?

Visa Bulletin Equality is a proposal by Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi to allow Indians stuck in 150 year long green card backlog get some relief by obtaining EADs instead of keep renewing their visas indefinitely.

We have covered this topic in great depth here. Questions remains as who all are supporting this cause. We know for certain that around 58 members of Congress from both parties signed the letter by Rep. Krishnamoorthi. But what about other organizations ? What about the major employers including Big Tech ?

It is not clear if the Big Tech has yet warmed up to this idea. None of them have publicly stated their position and perhaps some have indicated that they wont support claiming such a move by Administration is illegal.

Immigration Attorney Leon Fresco has already clarified that not only this is legal but also not subject to judicial review.

American Immigration Lawyer's Association has not yet offered support to this cause. It is not surprising given that if more immigrants get economic freedom and dont have to keep renewing their visas they might lose business.

Indian immigrants have constantly criticized AILA for their attitude when it comes to Indian immigrant issues and accused them of being racist.

It however remains to be seen what position AILA takes on this issue.

The majors tech companies or their public policy teams have not yet made public their position on this issue. Their employees however are pressurizing them to take a stand and running letter writing campaigns inside the company.

Apple, Salesforce, Amazon, Fwd.us and many other tech companies in past have very clearly expressed concerns about the discrimination against Indian immigrants vetted out by US administration, but on this issue they are mum so far.

Biden administration has around 2 weeks to make this decision of advancing all visa bulletin dates and making them current. Very likely this will cause a massive backlog of applications with USCIS but, it would still be worth it.

Reach out to your CEO and/or your Public Policy team if any, and convince them to write a letter of support to Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi's proposal. Also ask them to make their position be known publicly.

Write a letter to you local congress person as well. We have provided more action items here.