Ustraveldocs is now

Ustraveldocs is now is a new website launched by department of state to manage visa appointments for Indian citizens. This website replaces the old website

Why new website ?

The old website was really old and was based on salesforce. Not only it was riddled with bugs and complicated UI it often crashed and at one point faced so many issues that US consulate had to take drastic steps such as banning individual users from logging in for 72 hours.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused U.S. consulates in India to shut down visa processing, creating massive demand for visa revalidation, a routine step that long-term H1B visa holders in the United States must take to renew their passport stamps. In the past, people could simply drop off their passports at their nearest consulate and have them returned within a week.

However, the consulates now required appointments to drop off passports. As all appointment slots were quickly booked, people began to repeatedly log in to check for availability, which increased the load on the website and caused it to crash.

It was high time department of state moved to a new platform

The official twitter handle of the US Consulate in India declared this change and the downtime for the website.

Attention! Our customer service center is migrating to a new platform. Customer calls and appointment booking will be suspended from July 26-28. Fee payment services will be suspended from July 25-28. All services will resume on July 29.

What is the review of

[Divya Shroff] on Twitter ( says

Didn’t think ustraveldocs could get any worse, and then they relaunched as usvisascheduling. Can’t login using your previous login, can’t access the webpage without being put in a “waiting room”, can’t find a functioning contact phone number. @USAndIndia

@CGI_USFederal fix this!

Keshav said

The migration to the new portal is half baked. The new portal is not at all working as expected. Please look into this and restore some normalcy here.

Overall the new portal is not receiving any love from the users but customer service has never been the strong suites of Department of State run consulates ever.

What to expect if you plan to use this website ?

Beware that government run websites are always terrible and when initially launched will be riddled with bugs. Hence, prepare well in advance to book any appointments if you need to travel to USA/India.

Make sure you regularly check the portal to make sure the appointment you booked is still valid. Some users reported that appointments were automatically cancelled.

Make sure your payment was posted properly and you were not charged multiple times.

Can we expect better ?

Indian immigrants in the USA are advocating for VisaBulletinEquality, a policy that would eliminate the need for Indian immigrants to revalidate their visas. This would significantly reduce the workload on consulates and their software.

How can we work towards make visa processing easier for Indians ?

If you are an Indian immigrant in USA, I highly recommend you consider writing to your Congresspeople and demand that they support Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi's proposal to President Biden.