Biden admin's omnious immigration deals

Biden admin's omnious immigration deals

Biden administration took the reins from an extremely hostile and capricious Trump administration who had pulled no stops to hurt immigrants of all kinds using legal and illegal means. This involved ignoring applications, refusing to process applications in reasonable time and creating artificial delays only to hurt legal immigrants.

The expectation was that the Biden administration might appoint someone competent to solve a lot of these problems quickly. Instead it pretty much continued with Trump's rotten policies and the USCIS chief Ur Jaddou turned out to be mostly useless in giving the agency any sense of purpose or reform it.

Bad faith dealings have close hope for any change

Biden administration does not have a coherent policy on immigration. While they pretend to be "pro-poor" and allow illegal immigration, the reality is that the immigrants actually come to this country due to Capitlaism and not for socialist policies. Immigrants undermine the socialist institutions like climate change organizations, labor unions and regulatory state. They break these institutiosn to make American society productive. This is why some of the left wing politicians hate immigrants.

Biden is not particularly pro-immigration president despite what Republicans accuse him of. Biden has mostly continued most of the Trump era policies and regulations. Wherever he has changed course, for example on title 42, it is primarily because of litigation. It has tried to deport more immigrants that Trump administration and seeked to continue building the wall.

Biden's policies are all about talking pro-immigrant nonsense while not actually doing anything. This leads to chaos into the process and it is left to the tier-2 leaders to manage the house.

Bad faith arguments from the Republicans

While republicans are opposed to immigration, unfortunately they have failed to offer any meaningful policy solutions. Upon close scrutiny you realize that anti-immigrant rhetoric helps them win elections not the policies. If there was some policy that would reduce immigration to zero tomorrow, Republicans are not interested in it uneless they also have some powerful rhetoric to chant about. Example: Invasion at southern border.

The images of chaos, large numbers, poor brown people, little kids in the tow, death, cartel and drugs all fuel the rhetoric. Hence Republicans are more interested in these headlines rather than actual policy proposals.

Trump or Vivek Ramaswamy spend countless hours talking about esoteric topics like Birth Right Citizenship which has no relevance on real immigration issues the American society faces today.

The good policy for immigration

It is upto americans to decide what kind of immigration levels they want. They should use the processes to help achieve that objective. Unfortunately, the good policies are exact opposite of the rhetoric both parties need to beg for votes. Hence it is unlikely the Congress could achieve something in the absense of some kind of catastrophe.

Reform to asylum laws

Hoardes of asylum seekers at southern border is not a good sight. It hurt Mexico and it hurts border town. It needlessly wastes American taxpayer money. Clearly some sort of reform ot this asylum process is needed. The republican position on this topic is not to offer any meaningful draft bill because they all want to pretend that they want to completely end all asylum of any kind. However, if the propose such a bill some of their own voters would be horrified that we wont take in Jews, Ukrainians or otherwise genuine asylum seekers. It also closes doors for USA to take in genuine political asylum seekers from other enemy countries. Hence they will not propose anything meaningful.

The Democrats on other hand despite the asylum seekers and seek to expell them as much as possible. But they will not propose such bill because that would horrify their own voters too. Hence they benefit from the current chaos at the border.

Reforms to the employment based immigration

Both parties and their donors rely heavily on this immigration. Both, are in favor of massively increasing this immigration as it directly benefits them but in reality neither can talk about it as it hurts their rhetoric of protecting American jobs. Hence they try to hide all the changes from public gaze.

Unfortunately for Indians, their problems can not be solved secretly. They must be addressed by Congress where neither parties want to go all in on this bill. Hence no reform is unlikely to pass.